Save Our Kids!

Allowing our children to watch YouTube without direct supervision is dangerous.

Sex, violence, swearing and all sorts of other inappropriate content are just one or 2 taps away from an appropriate video.

In fact, some inappropriate material is disguised to be funny or educational only to be found otherwise once your child has already been exposed to it. This type of thing is happening thousands of times each day – this is a severe problem.

Is it worth the risk?

The short answer is no! Not without a filter.

Although YouTube has an app called YouTube Kids which designed to provide a safe place for kids to watch videos, there are many reports of inappropriate videos getting through the app’s algorithms. Also, many parents find that the YouTube Kids app doesn’t provide a good range of appropriate material other than animation.

Safe Vision is the solution for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

Every channel in Safe Vision is either handpicked by real people at Safe Vision or approved by you, the parent.

A dream come true…

Allowing your children to watch YouTube videos via the Safe Vision app without your supervision is safe.

Safe Vision is developed by parents for parents, allowing our children to explore, learn, and laugh while being protected from inappropriate content.

  • Safe for your child to use unsupervised
  • Suggested content within app is screened by real people – not robots
  • You’re in control! You can unlock specific channels

Customer Reviews


We thoroughly enjoyed your app! At first we were bummed because it had only short videos uploaded from YouTube, but we soon noticed that it would change frequently and I as a mom was thrilled to have a safe app where my kids can explore. The kids really got into the singing along stuff. Thank you so much!
— Talie Kramer

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