Since Christmas I have been trying to find a version of Youtube Kids that works with Kindle FreeTime. Most of the apps are extremely limited, and the content is below Willow’s age group. Safe Vision is exactly what I have been looking for. She is able to search Youtube, and find what she’s looking for. Appropriate content passes the filters, while anything questionable is locked. However, through the parent dashboard locked content can be unlocked, and viewed. I like knowing my child can view the content she wants, and I can block that which I feel is inappropriate.
Crystal Laufer

Good application. It lets you know exactly (and control) what your kids may/can watch on youtube
Hamza Yakoubi

I found an app for Rebekah’s kindle that will allow her to watch her favorite youtube videos without wandering off where she shouldn’t be. It blocks comments and suggested videos. However, I can easily add kid appropriate channels. It also has channels already available for her age range (like National Geographic for kids, How it is Made, and Columbus Zoo).
Natalie Young

I recommend this app for your kids using YouTube. Keeps things safe and simple. Just tested it out with Kingston.
Michael Norton

We thoroughly enjoyed your app! At first we were bummed because it had only short videos uploaded from YouTube, but we soon noticed that it would change frequently and I as a mom was thrilled to have a safe app where my kids can explore. The kids really got into the singing along stuff. Thank you so much!
— Talie Kramer