How to Block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

There is no doubt that YouTube has a lot of great content for the whole family, but there is also a lot of content that could be inappropriate for children. Being able to block YouTube from your Amazon Fire device is going to be useful. This is also good if you are looking to give these devices to several children at different times. Either way, we are going to show you how to get this done by using Amazon FreeTime.

1-The first step is to tap on the “FreeTime” tab that is situated on your home screen:

2-The second step is to tap “Add a Child” on the following screen:

3-Now enter the child’s name and their date of birth. You can also choose the type of theme you prefer.

4-You can now decide what content you want to add for your child to use. This means that you can choose any game or application you want. You can always add more content later if you wish:

5-The following screen is going to give you the option to decide if your child will be given access to the web browser. If you decide to allow it, you can also use the Amazon filter to allow your kid to access only specific sites that are available. These are also settings that you can change at any time:

6-You can always enable and disable the web browser at any moment by opening FreeTime, tapping on the cog next to your child name and scrolling down to the “Web Settings” section:

7- Amazon approves sites like Nickelodeon, PBS kids and Science Bob by default. You can choose to block all websites and then add any websites you want to allow your child to access.

8-You can easily access the list of children and choose any name you want to switch to the desired profile:

Blocking YouTube on Amazon Fire without using Free Time

If for some reason you don’t want to use Amazon FreeTime, you can still block YouTube on your Fire tablet by blocking web browsing completely. Your child won’t be able to access any website, though. Here’s how to do it:

1-Open settings and tap on parental controls; this will allow you to set the password. Once you have done that, just tap on “Amazon Content and Apps”:

2-Now go to the web browser section and tap on “unblocked”.

3-You can also block any access to Amazon Stores and protect your purchases to prevent your child from installing the YouTube app.

The good news is that by using any of these methods you are going to be able to protect your child from a large amount of harmful content that they could accidentally stumble upon.

Safe Vision helps parents to control YouTube videos for their children.

10 thoughts on “How to Block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet

  1. Jae

    Blocking web browser did not block use of YouTube. This advice here is useless for that.

    1. Pavel Chuchuva Post author

      Sorry about that. Did you enable Amazon FreeTime? Also, how can you access YouTube on your Fire tablet? Are you using some app?

  2. Jae

    To add, YouTube has several inappropriate videos targeting children. That’s why I simply want to remove the program or block it which is impossible. Some videos have people dressed up as Sesame Street characters using profanity. Not cool at all

  3. Bree

    I’m finding that even though I have blocked it, there will be ads on DisneyNow that say to “click here” to the rest of a commercial/trailer. When my kids click it it will redirect them to YouTube, and from there they have access. 🙁

    1. Pavel Chuchuva Post author

      Can you check if the browser is blocked in the child profile on your Fire tablet?

  4. Darren

    Horrible that the parents of children CANNOT disable or delete APPS such as Youtube from their tablet. Why have these tech companies taken away our control? My child is talking some about harmful things after being able to access various things on Youtube and my ONLY option as a parent is to disable all access to everything on the internet. Horrible. These guys have too much power.

  5. JohnKagu

    I have tried all this and they will get ads that they use to access youtube. They are getting ads on spotify free and use the ad to get to youtube even with all the restrictions.

    1. Pavel Chuchuva Post author

      Thank you for your question. It’s a good idea for an article but in short iPads have a great parental control feature called ‘Screen Time’ that you can use to block YouTube website. You can also uninstall YouTube app and block installing new apps. And yes, there are no ads when your child watches videos in the Safe Vision app.


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