How Safe Vision App Protects Kids from Malicious Videos

There is a lot of talk about Momo challenge on the Internet. Reportedly there are videos on YouTube that look like innocent children cartoon but have horrifying image in the middle.

The news are quite disturbing. However it looks like there is no proof that those videos actually found their way to YouTube Kids app.

Momo Isn’t What Parents Need to Worry About on YouTube – Intelligencer

Is Safe Vision safe from this problem?

Safe Vision app starts with all YouTube videos locked. Parents then unlock pre-set list of known good channels based on child’s age range. They can also choose to unlock channels and videos one by one, at their discretion.

I personally review the channels that are available by default in the app. The chances that creators of child-targeted channel, e.g. Pinkfong would suddenly post something inappropriate are extremely low.

There are rumours that official Peppa Pig channel has been hacked and some of their videos contain Momo challenge but I couldn’t find any proof of that.

Bottom line: suicidal videos are definitely locked by default in Safe Vision app.

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