Safe Vision is Completely Free During Coronavirus Pandemic

I decided to make all Safe Vision premium features FREE during coronavirus pandemic.

This means that you can unlock unlimited number of channels, set time limit to more than one hour per day and set up multiple child profiles.

You would have to update the app to version 45.0 or higher to get premium features for free. You can check version number from the app by opening settings from sidebar menu.

If you have an existing premium subscription you can cancel it and keep using premium features for free – just make sure that you have version 45.0 or higher.

Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times.

3 thoughts on “Safe Vision is Completely Free During Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. andrew

    Thankyou so much for making this app! big game changer for us as we where considering deleting youtube for us and our kids because of the highly inappropriate and explicit nature of many of the videos and ads on youtube. Honestly thankyou

  2. cat

    is safe vision premium still available during the pandemic? It can’t find a way to download it without being asked to upgrade with payment.

    1. Pavel Chuchuva Post author

      No, sorry, the premium subscription is no longer free even though the pandemic is not over yet ?


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