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How to Set Up Amazon Fire Tablet so that Your Child Can Access Content that You Choose Only

Tablets can be amazing gadgets for kids. They can watch videos, play games, read books, and more, yet you should have the option to protect them from the inappropriate content. Following are the steps to do that.

Secure your account

Open the “Settings” screen, find the “Personal” option and click “Security and Privacy”. Make sure you have a Lock-Screen Password set. You can pick either a passcode or a Pin; select whichever you consider progressively secure and simple to remember.

Setting this will guarantee your kid can’t get to your screen by essentially leaving their own. In your monitor, a youngster may incidentally remove applications, delete videos from your watch list, and even include or expel things from your Amazon list of things to get. It’s ideal for playing it safe and putting these features far off.

Create a child profile for your child

Pull down the list from the top of the screen, and tap your user symbol. Here, search for the “Plus” button to add new users, clicking OK to confirm this step.

Here, click Add a Child Profile (grown-up profiles are also accessible, should your partner need one). Then enter the details: name, date of birth, etc.

You can choose between two accessible subjects. “Blue Sky” is for the children under the age of 9 while the “Midnight Black” theme is for kids somewhere in the range of 9-12. At the point when you’ve settled on your decisions, click “Add Profile”.

Add content to your child profile

With the profile made, the following screen will ask you to include appropriate content. You can choose books, videos, recordings, applications, and so on that you are OK with your kid exploring.

Tap to choose the content you’re OK with and then tap “Done”. If whenever you need to change the material the child can get to, open “Settings” then go to “Profile” and “Family Library”, at that point click “Add Content” or “Remove Content”.

You can also check the Age Filters screen. This is a component you can flip on or off varying; when on, it lets you set an age extend for the material your kid can see. If you need to guarantee your little one isn’t viewing horrible videos (or other extraordinary shows on Amazon Video), this is a significant element.

You should slide the lower age and upper age range bars as suitable. The tablet will guide you on what number of applications, recordings, and books are distinguishable from the chosen extend. At the point when you’re OK, click “Back” to exit. At last, make a point to set the “Enable In-App Purchasing” setting to off. That will keep them away from piling on charges in games.

Set Up Screen Time

You most likely don’t want your kids spending the entire day stuck to their tablets, particularly whenever there’s an opportunity to do outdoor tasks. So setting up some time limits is a smart thought.

To do this, open “Set Daily Goals” and “Time Limits”, and click the switch to on. You’ll see a screen split into two tabs: “Weekdays” and “Weekends”. Every one of these lets you set a “Bedtime” when the tablet will off, and “wake up time” when it opens up once more.

Here you can also set “Educational Goals”, with time limits for apps, videos, audiobooks and books. There’s additionally a “Learn First” option, letting you block fun material until “Educational Goals” are met.

Further down, you can set a “Total Screen Time” (so your kid may have, say, two hours of tablet time inside a 16-hour term). You’ll additionally discover “Time” by “Activity Type”, where you can set time limits for each activity.

Set Web Content

Your child’s tablet must be online to get to Amazon content. Yet, imagine a scenario where you need to restrict your kid’s access to the web.

Open the kid’s profile again and search for “Web Settings”. Here you’ll discover the switch of “Enable Web Browser”. When clicked, you’ll have the option of “Limit Web Content”, where you can include Websites, and Web Videos, using the “Plus” button.

Then, the Settings tab lets you “Enable Pre-Approved Web Content”. This is Amazon’s curated content, so you can anticipate that the material should be appropriate for your kid.

Review Online Activities of your Child

In the event that you need to see your youngster’s tablet activities (maybe to check whether TV shows are more well-known than games), Amazon offers an element that lets you check what they’re doing. You can, without many efforts, deal with this option of “Settings” then “Parental Controls”. Look down to the “Activity Center”, and on “Monitor This Profile”.

Wrap up

At this point, you should have total control over your kid’s Amazon Fire tablet. Your child can access content that you have selected only.

5 thoughts on “How to Set Up Amazon Fire Tablet so that Your Child Can Access Content that You Choose Only

  1. Trudi Steinhauer

    When I open my child’s fire tablet under her name it opens at Download Content. I can’t get passed that in her name to play games. I’ve tried opening the download with my PIN number and selecting done it goes back to the Download screen again. Help please

  2. Sarah

    A challenge I’m having is that there’s too much content, even with the slider. For my 5 and 9 year old that’s fine, but for a 2 year old I only want him to have access to 3-4 videos and apps. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from Amazon on how to do this.

    1. Pavel Chuchuva Post author

      What is the exact model of your Amazon Fire tablet? I believe you can simply turn off ‘Age Filters’ – this will disable ‘Fire for Kids Unlimited’. From there only apps and videos that you add will be available on your child’s profile.

      1. Sarah Addison

        That’s a great tip! We just bought it new at Christmas, so it’s a recent version. Another tip I got was to download the content we want, then put it on airplane mode. I went in circles with Amazon customer support, and I don’t think my goal was understood.


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