Screen Time Guide for Parents has a helpful guide for parents including recommended screen time by age:

AgeRecommended Screen Time
Under 18 monthsNone, except for video calls with an adult present
18 to 24 monthsOnly educational content under adult supervision
2 to 5 yearsOne hour of non-educational screen time on weekdays and up to three hours on weekends
Over 6 yearsLimit specific screen-based activities, such as video games, instead of overall screen time. Encourage an activity that does not involve screen time.

2 thoughts on “Screen Time Guide for Parents

  1. Sara Bano

    I installed this for both my boys as on Amazon tablets there is no safety for YouTube. I can say this app has been amazing and I can relax whilst the boys watch stuff I have approved and allowed

    1. Pavel Chuchuva Post author

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad that Safe Vision works for you and your children.


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