How to Set Up Safe Vision App

Follow these 2 steps to set up Safe Vision app on your child’s tablet:

  1. Block YouTube website
  2. Install and configure Safe Vision app

Step 1: Block YouTube Website

Safe Vision app doesn’t block website or app. The idea is that you, as the parent, block it on your child’s device. From there your child watches YouTube videos in Safe Vision app.

See How to block YouTube

Step2: Install and Configure Safe Vision App

Get Safe Vision App from App Store for your device (it’s free).

Sign up for a new account. You would need to choose your parental password.

Select your child’s age range:

Safe Vision app will unlock videos based on your child’s age range:

I, Pavel, creator of Safe Vision, app classified videos based on the common sense. If you disagree with some of my decisions you can lock unwanted channels or start from scratch: set age range to zero to lock everything and then unlock videos and channels for your child.

Next, add some channels to the Home screen:

You can select from popular channels…

… or you can search for any YouTube channel or videos.

You can unlock as many individual videos as you want for your child. You can unlock up to 5 channels in free mode. Unlocking more than 5 channels requires premium subscription.

Tap ‘Switch to Child Mode’ button and let your child enjoy their favorite videos!